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How do they connect?  Here is an interesting story that was brought to my attention today:

This took place in August, 2000 in St. Francis, South Dakota. We as a family sundanced every August. This time around, my younger brother Donald and his family (two girls and one stepdaughter) came to support us with Donald intending to pray and sacrifice.

It was hot and muggy, so Donald asked if he and his family could sleep on the porch of my house as I was already camped at the sundance site. I told him the AC worked, so his girls were going to bunk out in the living room while he and his companion were still going to sleep on the porch.

In the early hours of that following morning, our dog was barking non-stop. As this was annoying, Donald sat up, ready to tell the dog to “shut up,” but something on the road caught his eye. (My house is 30 or so yards from the road.) A woman in a white dress was walking south, but she was about a foot over the blacktop! He could see the feet of this woman moving, but they were not touching the road!

In a panic, he nudged his companion awake and told her to look. As they both looked in disbelief, the woman continued on her way. By this time, another amazing thing happened.

A white car came from the north — also about a foot off the road — stopped to give the woman hitchhiker a lift. The woman “floated” into the open door of the car and the instant she got in, the car and the woman vanished into thin air!

As unbelievable as it sounds, my brother and his companion saw this. They then went inside the house, locked the house, turned on the lights, smudged, and stayed up the remainder of the night. The place where the car vanished is where five people died in a head-on crash in in 1968. About three years later, two brothers also were killed there. Still later, a woman flipped her car traveling north and lost her life. Another person lost his life there in 2002, so from time to time, these things happen.

What is the afterlife?  Where does it start and this life end?  Are ghosts a part of that?  More research needs to be done.